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County: Contra Costa Population: 1,051 Weather: Diablo Weather City Website: Diablo Website


Diablo is a historic community that is nestled at the base of Mt Diablo.  The first homes were built in the 1870’s, with one property sitting on 4000 acres.  In the 1920’s, Diablo was a resort destination for families from San Franciso and Oakland.  Families would enjoy the warm weather, the pretty lake and a beautiful club house.There was a railroad line that came from Oakland up to Diablo.  It’s tracks were where the 17th and 18th fairway of Diablo Country Club currently lie. The vacationing “well to do” San Franciscans and Oakland residents built small cottages.  Many of these unique homes still remain.

From a description in the July 1, 1897 Contra Costa News: ”It is a beautiful little valley surrounded by rolling hills that protect it from invading winds and sudden atmospheric changes… the herds of cattle and horses that roam in the luxuriant fields and on the hills know of but one season, and that is summer… for the roses and the violets never stop blooming here in this favored spot.

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